Hi, I'm Sam.

Sam Brooks grew up in Durham, New Hampshire and studied Screenwriting in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to finishing his degree, Sam was offered a summer internship at Impact Theory, a motivational web show based out of Beverly Hills. He decided to stay in LA after his internship and put school on hold to pursue screenwriting. Since then, he’s developed a pilot with RED AXE MEDIA, written a web comics series for IMPACT THEORY COMICS, and is currently working on a feature film with award-winning director JONNY SANTANA. He also hosts a podcast, SCREENWRITER SURVIVAL GUIDE, designed to help not-yet-screenwriters on their journey from LA-newbie to the red carpet.

Sam has worked with the likes of RIDLEY SCOTT, STEVE AOKI, TOM BILYEU, and JIM KRUEGER.

Unproduced Screenplays

After Death (Premium Pilot) - In a bleak future where death is illegal, a disgraced Life Defense agent hunts down a violent death cult. But when his mother tells him she wants to die, he's faced with two options: accept mortality or embark on a destructive quest for vengeance.

The Perfect Housewife (Feature) - After finding herself stuck in a time loop, a bored housewife experiments with psychopathic urges.

To Cover The Well (Feature, co-written with Jonny Santana) - A drama/thriller circling around a couple running from a gang.

The Script Supervisors (Network Pilot) - A team of writers is tasked with going inside the show to make sure the characters stick to the script.

The Company (Premium Pilot) - Is she the future of blood testing or a fraud? Or our best hope of preventing the vampire uprising?

AFTER (Narrative Podcast) - Moments after deciding to get divorced, a young couple is forced into hiding together by the apocalypse.

Kipling (Premium Pilot) - Ghosts living in the ruins of a hotel in Los Angeles are forced to defend their home when living developers come calling.

Homonormative (Premium Pilot) - In a world where everybody is born gay, one young man struggles to come out... as straight.

W!T$EC (Premium Pilot) - After witnessing a mob murder, and gangster rapper is forced into witness protection with his dysfunctional family.

Awards & Nominations

The Social Distancing Festival - Official Selection

Kalakari Film Festival - Official Selection